About Us


Greenwich Baked Goods began in my home kitchen in Greenwich, CT in 2016. The first loaf of banana bread however, I baked not long out of college, especially for my Grandpa. Upon sampling it he called to inform me, “Honey, you didn’t let your bananas get ripe enough. I can’t taste or see the pulp!”  Well, of course, I was disconcerted and immediately set out to change Grandpa’s mind about my bread baking capabilities. It didn’t take me long to improve and, needless to say, his approval was all it took .... thus my quest for the perfect banana bread! 

I’ve always thought the baking process a productive, creative, happy thing to do. And the giving- well, what better way than a delicious loaf of homemade bread to express thoughfulness and caring, for a number of occasions.  The result- a joyous, happy experience!  The aroma of fresh baked bread is comforting and inviting.  I open my windows and my neighbors invariably ask, “are you baking?”  I always bake an extra mini or three and I share it with them.  I take it out on a tray with napkins to the landscapers.  I take it to the office during market or for big meetings. And as a welcoming gesture, my guests can find a small personal loaf in their room.  

My baking, entertaining, and sharing led to order requests. Meanwhile, a 30-year career in fashion; presentation, packaging, and marketing, was a natural extension to this baking and entertaining passion. Notice the three bakers on the label are presenting coffee, bread, and brownies for your pleasure, my own design!  And so, Greenwich Baked Goods evolved. 

The recipes are all family favorites passed down from generation to generation.  We love baking and the art of entertaining friends and family.  I hope you enjoy getting and giving these delicious baked goods as much as I love making them for you.

- Julie Hedrick